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Kids bunk beds are a clever way of saving space in small rooms. They generally consist of a twin bed over a twin bed. The upper bunk can usually be reached via a ladder, sometimes stairs. From wooden bunk beds to metal bunk beds, there are many different designs to choose from, depending on your taste and budget.

There is no right or wrong when buying a bunk bed. You will need to ensure that the selected bed will fit your room in depth, width and height. Some rooms require special shaped bunk beds such as the clever L shaped bunk beds.

Quick Comparison: Our Top 6 Bunk Beds for Children

NumberNameTypeOur RatingPrice
1Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle in Honey FinishTwin over TwinCheck Price
2Coaster Home Furnishings 460078 Bunk Bed, GunmetalFull Size Bunk BedCheck Price
3Furniture of America Brenna Twin-Full Bunk Bed, WhiteTwin over FullCheck Price
4American Furniture Classics Bunk Bed, Twin/FullTwin over FullCheck Price
5Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed, MerlotL-Shaped Twin over FullCheck Price
6Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed Twin over Twin with 3 Drawers in the Steps, HoneyTwin over TwinCheck Price

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Do I have to have a twin bunk bed

It really depends on your situation. Bunk beds can be a wonderful solution to free up space in tiny rooms. Younger children need floorspace for playing, older children need space to set up a desk for studying. When you have siblings, all the floorspace that is required for a second bed can be freed up by using a bunk bed solution.

Some children will ask for a bunk bed even though there is enough space available. They love the idea of sleeping in the top bunk, having their own private space that is hard to reach by adults. Unless you have a sibling they need to share with or frequent sleep over visitors, it makes sense to look into loft bed solutions instead. These will provide space to set up a desk or a play area instead of a second bed that might go unused most of the time.

If you are not keen on the idea of bunk beds as an alternative you might also want to look at foldable couch beds, futons, or fold-down wall mounted beds.

Why should I choose a twin bunk bed for my kid

Most children will love the idea of a twin bunk bed. They are good fun and they provide them with adequate private space to separate their living area from that of their sibling. You can help create privacy and a personal space by applying some simple design and decorating ideas, as explained here.

But there is not just vertical freedom that should make you want to buy a bunk bed. Also consider the cost savings with having two children sleep in the same room (air-con or heating costs), and simply the fact that you can choose to live in a house with one room less than required otherwise. This can make a huge impact on your family budget.

Lastly, having siblings share the same room can help them bond much better. By making this decision early on in their lives they will learn to cooperate better and make joint decisions. The bond that they form this early on in their lives may stay with them forever.

How do I choose a twin bunk bed

First of all, you need to undergo some practical considerations. Check the dimensions of your room and think about what can be possible and what simply cannot work for the space. Don’t forget to factor in ceiling fans, windows, door knobs, existing furniture, and so forth. You may be okay with just a simple twin over twin bunk bed, or you may require some more custom made solution.

One major obstacle for twin bunk beds is the ceiling height. Ensure that you will have enough clearance for the top bunk or otherwise your kid will continuously bump their head when sitting up or climbing in.

Whether you want to go for a metal or a wooden frame entirely depends on your budget and your personal preference. A metal bed won’t work as well if the theme you are going for is “country house”. There are no boys or girls bunk beds as such, even though our list makes that differentiation. You will find that most bunk beds are designed very neutrally and they can act as a canvas on which you can then apply all the design features that you want – bedding, colors, accessories.

Most importantly, read reviews from previous buyers. Check what is being said about ease of assembling, sturdiness, maximum weight, squeaking noises, comfort, and whether or not their children are generally happy with the purchase. In this article we are linking to online reviews from buyers so that you can make up your own mind before you commit to buy.

My favourite twin bunk bed

Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle in Honey Finish

Design: A beautiful wooden bunk bed in rich honey color finish. Plenty of extra storage thanks to the drawers in the stairs. And there is even a trundle bed hidden under the bottom bunk for spontaneous overnight visitors.

Assembly: The bed is reportedly easy to assemble within a few hours. But if you require help, you can also request expert assembly at an additional cost.

Safety: The bed follows all required safety standards. The steps make it very easy even for smaller children to reach the bunk bed. What we love are the guard rails on top of the steps and the way they are enclosing almost entirely the top bunk.

Flexibility: The stairs can be installed to both sides, offering a world of possibilities and making this bed suitable for most rooms.

Comfort: The drawers slide in and out smoothly. There are wheels under the trundle bed, making it very easy to roll out when needed.

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The best full size bunk beds

Coaster Home Furnishings 460078 Bunk Bed, Gunmetal

Design: This is the Mercedes Benz of bunk beds! A fun and stylish metal frame bed which offers plenty of space for children who prefer to sleep in full beds. The metal curve design is beautiful and quite unusual, making it possible to either place the bed along a wall or facing the room.

Assembly: You will need around 5 hours unassisted to assemble the bed.

Safety: This is a very sturdy and heavy bed  – some will say like a tank – which won’t wobble when the sleeper is moving around. The maximum weight limit is around 300 lb for the bottom and 250 lb for the top.

Flexibility: Thanks to the mirrored design, there are two ladders – one on each side. This allows the bed to placed either with the headboard against the wall or with a side against the wall.

Comfort: We love that the stair treads are flat and not round which makes them much more comfortable to tread on than most metal bed stairs. The beds are nice and big, perfect for teenage children or even adults.

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The best girls bunk beds

Furniture of America Brenna Twin-Full Bunk Bed, White

Design: Beautiful white solid wood bunk bed. Specifically a twin over full bed, making it a great alternative to twin beds with a trundle. The true white color and pretty design will be an asset to any girl’s room. Plenty of space underneath for storage boxes, too. The only downturn is a clearly visible safety sticker that buyers are not supposed to remove.

Assembly: Assembly is reportedly easy and fairly quick – allow around 3 hours to put this bed together.

Safety: This is a very sturdy construction. According to the manufacturer, the top bunk weight limit is 150 lb.

Flexibility: The ladder cannot be moved, and the bed will be as seen in the picture.

Comfort: A roomy, comfortable and cozy bed on the top and the bottom. The angled ladder makes it easy to reach the top bunk.

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The best boys bunk beds

American Furniture Classics Bunk Bed, Twin/Full

Design: Solid wood construction in a nice rich color. The top bunk is a twin and the bottom bunk is a full size bed. The is an angled ladder to reach the top bunk, and you can find three storage drawers underneath.

Assembly: You will probably need around 3 hours to assemble this bed. The labelled boxes make it easy to go through the assembly process. The drawers are already assembled when they ship.

Safety: There is a guard rail around the top with the exception of the ladder openings (two).

Flexibility: There are two openings for the stairs to fit which gives you more options in how you want to set up the bed. Alternatively, add a slide to the second opening to additional fun!

Comfort: This solid looking bed is as sturdy as it can be. If assembled correctly, you won’t see it moving or squeaking at all. Due to the solid wood it is a very strong and reliable bed. We love that the ladder does enclose the bottom bunk a little bit, adding a cozy feel to the bottom bunk.

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The best L shaped bunk beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed, Merlot

Design: Gorgeous warm merlot coloured bunk bed in an L shape. The top bunk is a twin bed and the bottom bunk is a full size bed. There is additional storage to the side in form of a dresser. The bottom bunk is on casters, thus making it easy to assemble the bed in a different way.

Assembly: A very quick assembly which will probably take you around two to three hours.

Safety: The top bunk has guard rails all around. It might be tricky to get into the top bunk at first but even smaller children can learn to climb on top in no time at all. Since this is a solid wood construction, the loft bed is very sturdy and can easily hold 200 lb.

Flexibility: We love that the bottom bunk is on casters and that the ladder can be fitted on the other side. This means that you also turn the construction around (the loft) to create a mirror design of the one pictured above. Also, the bottom bunk can be moved to another room entirely, freeing up space for a desk later on.

Comfort: Plenty of space and comfort in these beds.

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The best bunk beds with steps

Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed Twin over Twin with 3 Drawers in the Steps, Honey

Design: We love the sunny and warm wood look of this bunk bed. The honey color will look beautiful in any kids bedroom. The twin over twin combination is complemented with a set of steps at the foot of the bed, adding comfort and storage space thanks to the three drawers. Additionally, there is some shelf space under the stairs. What we also love about the design is that the drawers open to the front and not to the side, so if you don’t have a lot of space then it’s not an issue.

Assembly: This bed will take around 3 hours to be assembled. You will need an electric screw driver and a hammer.

Safety: The bed is constructed from solid Brazilian pine, making this a sturdy bed that you will enjoy for years to come. The honey finish has been independently tested for child safety. The top bunk can hold up to 175 lb.

Flexibility: Top points for flexibility. The stairs can be assembled to either side of the bed. You can also take this bunk bed apart to create two free-standing twin beds.

Comfort: Overall, a solid bed thanks to the Brazilian hardwood. Top bunk is easy to access.

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