The 10 Best Kids’ Bunk Bed Designs in 2017

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You bought a new bunk bed for the kids – now what?

The next step is to make it a home. And it really is quite easy to transform a functional, space-saving piece of furniture into something that the children will love for many years to come. No big budgets needed, just some time, some creativity, and lots of fun!

Here are 10 amazing bunk bed design ideas and loft bed design ideas to help you create a special space for your children.

  1. Paint the room in fun colors. Pick the right color palette together with your children. If two children are sharing the room, why not paint each bunk compartment in a different color of their choice? Let them have some creative freedom and a means to express their personality.
  2. Add a reading lamp to both bunks. Since the upper bunk will not have a bedside table, the best solution is to install a wall mounted lamp. There are many fun designs to choose from these days, and if you are not in the mood to open up a wall to connect the lamp to the light switch, just choose one that has the cord dangling down.
  3. Add a narrow book shelf to the upper bunk bed. This will allow the child to store important things they may need for the night such as a book, a water bottle, a torch, or a favorite toy.
  4. Use removable wall decals to add some fun to the walls for the bunks. There are many amazing designs to choose from, be it the children’s names, word of wisdom, animal shapes, fire engines, or cute sleepy eyes. Decals are fairly easy to attach and you can remove them when they are no longer needed without any damage to the wall.
  5. Use some cheap plywood and turn the bed into a castle, a truck, a cubby house, or a ship, or something else that the child might love. Paint it in bright colors, add some circular cut-outs, and attach this to the existing bed.
  6. Instead of a ladder consider other ways of getting up on top. How about a rope ladder or a climbing wall? Sturdy storage cubes pushed together and on top of each other make a neat set of stairs!
  7. Add curtains to the bunks and let the children enjoy some privacy. A cheap and easy solution to help the children make the bed into their very own space.
  8. Add a slide so that the child can slide down from the bed.
  9. Now that you have done a major redesign of your kid’s room seize the opportunity to shop for new bed linen, pillows, rugs. Pick designs that coordinate well with the rest of the room. Involve the child to make this a fun bonding experience that they will never forget.
  10. Work with lighting. Attach globe lights to the ceiling of the lower bunk to create a cool mood lighting feature. Invest in a colorful fun lamp that mounts to the wall of the upper bunk. Use LED light rods to illuminate lines and corners. If using a desk underneath a loft bed, ensure you provide sufficient working light so that your child will be compelled to study.

Need more bunk bed inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board where I have collected many fun and cool bunk bed ideas!

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