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Bullying is a growing threat to the mental and physical health of children at schools. All children may face some sort of bullying at school at the hands of a school bully.

Knowing that your child is being bullied at school is a heartbreaking feeling. As a parent, it is our job to prepare our children to deal with these bullies. If we don’t prepare them to face this challenge, they stand at risk of getting seriously hurt.

Preparing in advance is always better than waiting for it to happen, as your child may not even tell you about being bullied at school. Act early and save your child from this menace.


Cultivate an Assertive Behavior

Build a strong character in your child’s personality, so they can deal with a school bully. Show them how to say no assertively as a response to demands. A simple way to do this would be to have role-play sessions and rehearse for real-life situations. This will help prepare your child in advance and avoid any sort of harm.

Teach Social Skills

Developing strong social skills in your child is imperative. They must be able to communicate their message properly to other people. You can teach them healthy ways to express how they feel. Showing them ways to deal with conflicts and cultivating a problem-solving mindset will help a lot.

Identifying a School Bully

Bullies at school are normal children who hide in plain sight. You should tell your children what bullies do, what they demand, how they normally act and how they treat people. This will help them identify real-life bullies and they can either avoid them or deal with them from a position of strength.

Preach Compassion

Teach your children how to be compassionate to others. Cultivate a courteous behavior among your children. This will also help them to identify a school bully, as they will act in the opposite manner. More importantly, it will make sure that your child doesn’t become a bully themselves. This part is as important as preparing them to face bullies.

Standing Ground

Running away from bullies or acting weak in front of them, just gives more power to them. Teach your child to not give in to bullies, and stand up to them. Not just for themselves, but also if they see someone bullying another kid. We need to raise heroes in forms of children.

Self Defense

Get your child to take a self-defense class. Bullies are not afraid to physically harm your child. If you prepare them to confront and overpower bullies, they will not be afraid to stand their ground against them. Regardless, if it comes down to it, you would like to have the peace of mind that your children can defend themselves.

By following these steps, you will be able to prepare your child to identify, confront and stand up to a school bully. Let’s hope for a safer environment for our children.

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