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Bunk Beds are great beds for many reasons. They are perfect in children’s bedrooms, and you will also find them in many dorms.

You can make your bunk bed even better by adding some functional and clever accessories. Due to the elevated position you will need to add a couple of helpers for added comfort: to store your stuff, to have access to light, or simply for fun.

Storage solutions, lights, and mosquito nets will make sure you never need to leave the top bunk at night.

Check out these recommended bunk bed accessories that will help transform your bunk bed to a place that you will simply adore!

Bunk Buddy Bedside Shelf

The ideal companion for all your bedside needs: Store your books, water bottle, glasses, or a toy on this clip-on bedside shelf. Designed to fit flat surfaces, this shelf will fit almost any bunk or loft bed (check specifications first). It is very sturdy and perfect for the upper bunk. But even for the lower bunk this works well if you don’t have the space for a bedside table, or if you use a trundle or have drawers under the bed.

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Newhouse Lighting 3W Energy-Efficient LED Clamp Lamp Light

Bunk Beds need clever lighting solutions, and this clamp lamp fits the bill. The clamp of this light will open approximately 2 inches and comes with a suction, making is suitable for most bed frames. No need to drill into walls, easy to install, and – best of all – extremely efficient. LED lights will last you for years and don’t get hot, making this a very smart solution. The arm is flexible, so that you can point the light towards you for reading, or away for a more comforting light. The cable is about 7 feet long.

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Fancii 10 Pocket Bedside Caddy – Hanging Storage Organizer

If you need plenty of storage near your bed then this bed caddy is the perfect idea. You will get 5 big and 5 small pockets that will hold everything that you will ever need: a table and books, your glasses and beauty products, water bottle, pens, paper, and magazines. The polyester material is durable, soft and strong, and you can place the caddy on your headboard or along the sides using velcro straps. A very flexible, very space-saving solution.

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Felt Bedside Organizer Caddy

We love the modern and sophisticated design of this bedside organizer! It may not have as much space and as many pockets as the other organizer mentioned above, but the material is sturdy and the design is just very unobtrusive and rather elegant. It still fits most things you would need close-by when you are in bed such as a table, glasses, pens, a remote – even a small laptop!

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VOIMAKAS Bedside Hanging Storage Bag

Another great bedside storage solution is this hanging storage bag with insanely deep pockets. They will even fit a tissue box (in the picture you can see the tissues coming out of the side)! Plenty of different pocket sizes to help you keep your bedside organized. The bottom is extra sturdy, making this the right choice if you need to store heavy objects such as water bottles.

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Tidy Books Bunk Bed Shelves

If you child likes to read at night then this is a must-buy! The pretty looking wooden shelves securely hold a number of books and everything else you might possibly need in bed such as your drink, your alarm clock, or your glasses. An eco-friendly solution made from sustainable wood. You won’t be able to attach this shelf to the bed, rather you need to fasten this to the wall – the advantage is that your child won’t be able to knock it his off while playing or while asleep.

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Kids Bedside Tray with Guard Rail Mounting

Pretty little tray that attached to the guard rail of an upper bunk, making it a perfect bunk bed accessory. It comes in an off-white color, is made of solid birch wood, and holds smaller items such as books, phones, or a drink bottle. It will look fantastic on any wooden bunk bed. A little rail all around the table ensures items won’t slip down over the sides. A very stylish solution if you don’t need tons of space.

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Octa Lynx – Tablet Mount for iPad, Galaxy, Surface and More

Is you teen addicted to their tablet? Are you still looking for a great Christmas gift? This tablet mount is perfect for anyone who wants to use the tablet for streaming or skyping. It has an adjustable grip which will fit most tablets (even most phones), and is very modular and versatile to work with most set-ups. The clap can hold onto flat, round, or irregular surfaces up to 2 inches thick. This sturdy construction does not only work as a bunk bed accessory but also in the gym, when practicing music, or in the car.

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Bunk Bed Mosquito Net

Mosquito nets are functional and sometimes essential to keep your family save – depending on where you live and how affected you are by these little blood suckers. An easy, chemical free solution to give you peace at night is a mosquito net. The net we have selected here is either white or beige and is suitable for kids bunk beds. It is rectangular in shape and has the dimensions: length 82.67 inches and width 39.37 inches.

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SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan, Black

Perfect bunk bed and loft bed accessory for hot nights. Cool down with this efficient and quiet clip-on fan. No power outlet needed – just charge it using the USB cable provided. Battery time is up to 6 hours depending on speed. It has a 360 degrees vertical and horizontal rotation, making it one of the best small fans in the market.

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