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Single mom struggles
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A large number of children in the United States are raised without fathers. Being a single mom is no longer rare. Considering how common it is, one might think that the misconceptions regarding single parenting would have disappeared. That is far from the truth. Being a single mom is not an easy thing; you often have to face hurtful discrimination. In this article, I have listed the most common misconceptions, so that we can raise awareness and move past them.

1) “Keep Your Men Away”

It is a common notion among women that single mothers try to win over their men. They think that being a single mom, they need a man who they can depend on and so they should keep their men away from them. This is so untrue. Single mothers are just single. They are not home wreckers! They are certainly not desperate to find a dad for their kids. Most single moms are really nice and you should try to get to know them before you judge.

2) They Don’t Give Enough Attention To Their Children

People think that single moms spend all their time at work and have none left for their children. As a result, children get neglected and start to fail at life. Firstly, single moms never neglect their children. Their whole struggle is based around the welfare of their children. In fact, they do everything they can for their children. Children who are raised by single mothers are just as much loved as those who are raised by a complete family.

3) They Are Never On Time To Pick Their Children

Another false belief that circulates the society is that children with single moms are the last ones to be picked from school or other events. This is a big misconception. Single moms are actually better at time management than regular parents. They manage their work according to their child’s schedule and are mostly on time.

4) “She Must Be A Mess!”

If someone had a failed marriage, they must be a terrible person, right? Wrong! A marriage may fail due to various reasons, but this is never a major reason. Single moms are just as nice as the next person. They are dependable, thoughtful, independent and strong. Not everyone could do what they do and have a positive attitude about it and for that they deserve all the credit in the world.

5) They Are Financially Broke

It is true that single moms are the sole breadwinners. However, considering that all single moms are broke, is a misconception. Single moms are generally very smart about their finances and manage them well. They work hard to earn an honest living and to give their children a good life. Most single moms are financially stronger than you may think. This misconception should go away.

Being a single mom means that you have to deal with all these misconceptions on a daily basis. It is high time that we move past these stigmas and create a more welcoming atmosphere for single mothers.

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