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Saving money is key to keeping your finances under control. It’s something you need to do every day, so it’s best to start incorporating as many of the ideas as you can as soon as possible.

You will be surprised to learn that many of these tricks won’t require a big change in your lifestyle. They also won’t make you feel worse or inconvenience you in any way.

Plus, it’s a great way of showing the children that money doesn’t grow on trees and that we need to make conscious everyday decisions to lead a better, happier and healthier life.

Here are 101 Easy Ideas to Save Money And Keep The Family Budget Under Control

  1. Meet friends for coffee, not for dinner
  2. Do not go shopping when hungry
  3. Buy non-perishable things in bulk when you have the storage space
  4. Ride a bike instead driving for short distances
  5. Invest in a cook book for cheap recipes
  6. Don’t buy grocery items that are on eye-level, they are likely to be more expensive
  7. Re-use old clothes as rags for cleaning the house
  8. Pop a bottle cap under a soft soap bar to make it last longer
  9. Remind the kids to switch out lights and fans when they leave the room
  10. Prefer generic brands over expensive brands
  11. Use the great outdoors as your free gym
  12. Buy second-hand books
  13. Drink water from the tap
  14. Sign up to rewards programs and start collecting points
  15. Take your lunch to work
  16. Ask for a romantic picnic date
  17. Let the children create wrapping paper for gifts
  18. Make your own jams
  19. Stay on the lookout for store offers and special deals
  20. Shop around for the best prices and invest some time in research
  21. Make it hard to access your credit card information
  22. Keep a journal to record expenditure
  23. Put a dollar in the piggy bank every day or more if you can afford
  24. Cancel any subscriptions you may not need
  25. Don’t buy something to reward yourself
  26. Frequent the local thrift shop
  27. DIY your Christmas gifts
  28. Use fans instead of the air-con
  29. Organise dinner parties for your friends and take turns
  30. Spend 10 minutes in a shop to ponder if you really need to buy the item
  31. Take 30 days to evaluate if you really need to buy a more expensive item
  32. Stick to your grocery store shopping list and resist impulse buys
  33. Sell used children’s clothes in good condition on eBay
  34. Line dry your clothing and keep the dryer switched off
  35. Shop regional and seasonal groceries
  36. Start a garden or at least a herb garden
  37. Give up smoking, cut back on drinking
  38. Take the kids to the flea market for new preloved toys
  39. Check energy ratings of new appliances
  40. Create your own skin care products using natural ingredients
  41. Sub-let an unused spare room, garage, shed
  42. Stop binging on coffee
  43. Learn to bake good quality bread
  44. Check your tyre pressure (when they are cold)
  45. Cut your children’s hair and find a friend to cut your hair
  46. Travel with snacks, don’t buy food while on the road
  47. Make your own, personalised gifts
  48. Stop spending on vitamins, minerals and other nutrition supplements and eat fresh food instead
  49. Eat more vegetables and reduce your meat intake
  50. Start car pooling or car sharing among your friends and neighbours
  51. Make your own toys: Plenty of recipes for homemade glue, play-dough, magic sand on the internet
  52. Add slices of citrus or herbs to your water for a delicious alternative
  53. Clean with natural products like vinegar, lemon, baking soda
  54. Start saving as soon as you know that a big purchase is coming up (this can be years in advance)
  55. Try a menstrual cup instead of pads and tampons
  56. Share a nanny
  57. Use cloth diapers
  58. Sign up to a free online uni course and learn something new
  59. Pay in cash
  60. Learn how to fix simple things around the house yourself
  61. Use price comparison websites for travel, insurances and other expensive things
  62. Check classifieds for cheap offers in the neighbourhood
  63. Plan a yard sale for unwanted toys and children’s clothes and invite everybody from the neighborhood
  64. Don’t follow the latest fashion trends but buy clothes that are always fashionable
  65. Have some items in the closet that can be combined easily
  66. Insulate your water heater
  67. Get a library pass
  68. Don’t drive aggressively
  69. Change your attitude towards money: it’s not something to get rid of but something to cherish
  70. Check and review your insurance policies – get rid of what you don’t need and bundle where you can
  71. Don’t use standby on appliances – switch them off completely
  72. Close curtains or shutters in the evening to keep the heat inside
  73. Go easy on heating and wear warmer clothes in the house
  74. Watch TV in winter nights with a blanket for extra warmth and comfort
  75. Wean children off the bathtub and let them take showers
  76. Cook with a lid on to save energy
  77. Pay your debts as soon as possible
  78. Keep an eye on your account statements and make sure nobody charges you extra
  79. Sprinkle some salt into melted candles to make them last longer
  80. Buy food and plan meals using the grocery store flyer
  81. Negotiate expensive doctor bills
  82. Start a blog and hold yourself accountable for your spending behavior
  83. Wash your hands thorough and teach the kids too – it helps keep germs at bay
  84. Get your holiday gifts just after Christmas
  85. Cancel your landline
  86. Buy a fuel-efficient car
  87. Downsize your rent by moving house
  88. Work on a monthly budget and keep within the limits
  89. Don’t go to the mall because you are bored
  90. Start the day with a healthy, wholesome breakfast
  91. Don’t throw out leftovers – instead turn them into creative meals the next day
  92. Get a deep freezer and buy in bulk
  93. Take the kids to free events
  94. Move in with somebody who can share the rent with you
  95. Learn magic tricks for the next children’s birthday party
  96. Empty the trunk
  97. Get a crock pot and cook delicious home cooked meals
  98. Set yourself realistic saving goals
  99. Re-use teabags – you can make 2-3 cups easily with just one bag
  100. Move into a smaller house to save on energy bills
  101. Learn how to use coupons to your advantage

Most important of all: Stay positive!

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