10 Things You Will Only Understand When You Are a Single Parent

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Being a single parent is not an easy task. It comes with several sacrifices, difficult life choices, stress, anxiety, etc. Help for single mothers are seldom available and they have to do everything on their own.

You will seldom hear a single mom complain about it though. They know who they are doing it for; their kids! For kids, a mother can do extraordinary things and that is what most single moms have to do for the most part of their parenting life. The life of a single parent revolves around certain things.

Today, I have listed some things that only single parents can relate to, with the hope that in some way it can become help for single mothers.

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What Weekends?

While most people work through the week looking forward to the weekends, this doesn’t apply to you. Weekends are just as busy as weekdays. So many chores, such little time!

People’s Reactions

As soon as you tell someone that you are a single parent, you are met with either a pitiful response or a look of disgust. You don’t appreciate either. You are a strong willed woman, who has no time for drama.

Tired, All the Time!

Single moms are working continuously, which is bound to take a toll on your body. Combine that with no proper opportunity to rest and you are left feeling tired all the time. Hiring help for single mothers is not an option for all, due to possible financial limits.

Being Your Own Boss

You make your own rules and you set your own schedule. No one tells you what to do, in your household. There is a certain sense of freedom that comes with it. Enjoy it to the maximum!

Dealing with Misconceptions

There are numerous cultural stigmas attached to single parenting. Possibly the hardest part of being a single parent is dodging these misconceptions, but you’re already a pro at it!

Decision Making

Your decision making is now dependent on how it will affect your kids. You are prepared to sacrifice your own happiness, if it means a better future for your kids. You deserve an award of recognition just for that!

All Sides of the Bed Belong to You!

No fighting over which bed side you want to sleep on. The whole bed is yours. You’re the queen and your household is your realm.

Mood Swings

You deal with too much pressure and it leads to mood swings. Relax! Keep a chocolate in your bad and treat yourself, whenever you can. Who cares about a size zero figure anyway?

Time Management

Your time management skills, at this point, are better than those of a top manager in an organization. You use your time to be as productive as you can.

Help for Single Mothers

You have come to terms with the fact that help for single mothers is a lost cause. That’s not true. Talk to other friends, preferably single mothers. Share your thoughts and daily events with them. It will help you a lot!

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